In the beginning, the first two players sitting to the left side of the dealer post the forced bets known also as the small and the big blinds. They are made to assure that there will be something in the pot before the beginning of the game. The position of the Blinds moves clockwise after each initial game.

Texas Holdem Poker Tip - The Betting RulesThe first Texas Holdem Poker Tip betting round occurs after the dealing of the two hole cards. Then all the players must decide what to do – to call, to fold, to check or to rise. The game at super jackpot party online continues with the players that have not fold. The dealer deals three cards face up in the center of the table and the second betting round occurs. The fourth card is dealt and the third betting round follows after that. The last betting round occurs after the dealing of the last community card.

the options for betting in Texas Holdem Poker Tip are four, as I mentioned above. And here comes the explanation of these terms. To call means to bet the same amount of money as the highest bet until this moment. To raise means to increase the amount of the highest bet until the current moment. To check means to stay in the game without paying anything, but this can be made only if there is nobody that has called or raised. If a player decides to fold, this means that he declares the end of his play for the initial game. All the players have only three bets per round.